Thank you for reading my article! Loving the dialogue in the comments.

I’m sorry if my article made you break into a cold sweat. It is a very non-traditional look on retirement and I can understand how it makes some uncomfortable.

I have connected the dots with my mother’s Alzheimer’s and it’s because of her condition and how it could genetically impact me that I wanted to re-think my future.

My mother worked 60+ hours a week minimum, raising 3 boys, put us through college, and barely got to enjoy herself as my parents were very frugal. My parents had dreams of traveling the world when they retired. Alas, that dream was dashed as she got diagnosed in her mid-50’s, well before the requirement for 401k withdrawals before penalization and Social Security.

My point is…many people, especially older generations, believe that you work hard, you can enjoy life later. And like everyone has pointed out, the future is uncertain, especially with health issues. Mom worked hard and didn’t get to enjoy the fruit of her labor.

My generation is better equipped to work remotely if I’m still healthy and well at age 70+ whereas the current seniors aren’t really good at the gig economy.

Regarding my financials, I contribute to a 401K and have a safety net in savings and a house to build equity in. The point of my article wasn’t to say “don’t save for retirement” because I am saving for retirement. I’m just not worried about it nor counting on it because of the realities. My advice is I strongly encourage people to never stop growing their skills and don’t forget to live while you’re scrimping and saving.

Hope that clarifies my stance!

Texan living in Utah. Market Researcher. INFJ. 1st Gen Child of Refugees. Empath. 6x Top Writer. Obsessed with unlocking people’s potential. Pragmatist.

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