Hi Julia!

I’m sorry if my article didn’t provide clarity for you.

Here’s my advice, to clear up stuff, based on your comment:

  1. I think you’re comparing your work to my work, which I certainly advise against. Success is relative. My success will be different from your success. While I did say you can should pump out quality content, it doesn’t matter the quantity. Every person’s situation will be different — I happened to have more time in October. For example, I’ve published way less this month than I did in October. This just means, you make sure the work you do work on gets the love & care it deserves.
  2. I mentioned that “it doesn’t matter if you publish every day or not”, but as long as you’re writing SOMETHING everyday, you’ll be developing your skills. Stephen King writes every day. So like him, I write 30 minutes a day…even if I don’t end up publishing whatever it is I write. I could throw it away, delete it, or continue writing. It’s about practice!
  3. You’re never too young to write.
  4. Yes, I say forget about earning money. But claps and such are a data-driven metric that can help you gauge progress. Consider it like a report card instead of a paycheck.
  5. You should absolutely write for yourself. But I do think every person wants other people to read their stuff too. That’s why I suggest publishing it in a publication. I just think the size of publication matters less. Hope that makes sense.
  6. Lastly, don’t use my numbers as your goals. My situation is different from yours. If you set out a goal to publish 3 articles in one month, good for you! If you set out to grow your following, figure out your goal and try to achieve it! If you don’t, reset, and try again! The point of my article is to highlight setting personal goals for yourself and pushing yourself to achieve said goals. You’re not beholden to anyone else’s goals.

Best of luck, Julia! You’re gonna do FANTASTIC.

Texan living in Utah. Market Researcher. INFJ. 1st Gen Child of Refugees. Empath. 6x Top Writer. Obsessed with unlocking people’s potential. Pragmatist.

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