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6x Top Writer. Editor of About Me Stories Publication. I grow brands, businesses, and people for a living. Side-hustling addict. Gamer. Photographer. Dork.

6x Top Writer on Medium. Founder of About Me Stories. I grow brands, businesses, people, and myself for a living.

Carlsbad, California — Picture Provided by Author

My Bio

Hi! I’m Quy Ma. Welcome to my About Me story!

The first thing you’re probably wondering is, “How do you say his name?” If we were introducing ourselves to each other in person, you’d probably perk your ears up and listen intently to how I’m saying my name. But since we’re doing this over the internet, I’ll spare you the embarrassment of potentially butchering my name and let you google it! Just kidding, it’s pronounced “kwee” like the word soliloquy and “maw” like the “jaws or throat of a voracious animal,” according to Oxford.

But I digress, you wanted to…

Submission Guidelines for “About Me Stories” Publication.

The Publication: About Me Stories


We spend our entire lives introducing ourselves to people in every situation possible. Why should Medium be an exception?

One of the most important things a Medium writer should do is introduce themselves to the world with their first post. Veteran Medium writers have also figured out an “About Me” story gives their followers additional details about who they are.

I figured a place like a publication that can host all of the authors’ introductory stories and learn more about each other would make sense!

The Publication

About Me Stories is a publication that is dedicated to hosting stories about the best…

You’ve been obsessively refreshing the wrong numbers.

Photo by fauxels from Pexels

How many times do you refresh your stats a day on Medium? It’s okay. You can tell me. Hold on, can you say that a little louder? Oh. Yeah, yikes. That’s a lot.

Don’t worry! I don’t judge. Lots of people refresh their stats a billion times a day too. You’re not alone. I used to do it a lot too. Eventually, I realized that looking at my stats often wasn’t that useful or productive — not earnings, not reads, not views.

So if earnings, reads, and views aren’t important, what is the most important stat on Medium, you ask…

The Peacock. The Noob. The Imposter. Which ones have you seen? Which one are you?

Photo by Trevor McKinnon on Unsplash

If you’ve been around on Medium for a bit, then you must have encountered all sorts of people on the platform. Medium is full of diverse people, but at some point, you start noticing certain patterns. You pick up on the mannerisms through the different articles you read, posts you see on Facebook, and tweets from different Medium writers.

I have lots of experience with customer segmentation in my career. I take information about people and try to categorize them the best I can so I can build relevant marketing materials and product assortments for different types of customers. …

Source: My First Moon Photos — Quy Ma Photos

How much do you know about the brightest and biggest celestial object in the night sky?

Neil Armstrong was the first person to physically set foot on the Moon on July 20, 1969.

Only 12 people have stepped foot on the Moon.

The Moon and Earth are so perfectly synced with their rotations that we never see the dark side of the Moon.

The Moon controls the tidal motions of the Earth.

The moon is the sole satellite of Earth.

The Moon revolves around the Earth 13 times a year, every 28 days.

The Moon was worshipped as a Goddess in many different cultures.

The Moon is 4.4 billion years old.

The Moon was formed when…

My continuous improvement, negative outlook, and perfectionist mindset made me realize I was taking many things for granted in my life.

Black and white photo of many wiping away a tear with his fist.
Photo by Tom Pumford on Unsplash

Continuous Improvement

Stressors in my life aren’t new. Dealing with these stressors isn’t new to me. I do the best I can when I can like most people. The way I deal with stressors productively is by trying to identify and understand the problem first. Preferably, I try to identify problems proactively before they become major problems. After I have a firm grasp on the situation, I explore solutions to address said problems. Once I’ve improved or fixed the situation, I go back and actively identify other issues to do the same thing. …

Source: Milky Way Galaxy Looming Over a Desert Oasis (Utah) — Quy Ma Photos

The pandemic helped me fulfill my lifelong dream of astrophotography.

I’ve always been obsessed with the night sky. In my opinion, there’s nothing more beautiful than the stars. Nothing. Unfortunately for me, I grew up in Houston, Texas — one of the biggest cities in the United States and a sprawling polluter of light. I never got to see stars.

When I was little, I wanted to become an astronomer when I grew up. I remember begging my father for a telescope. Imagine my delight when my father, who wanted to encourage my curious thirst for knowledge, brought us home a telescope. …

Just like how brands aim to increase repeat customers and customer retention, writers should pursue strategies to do the same with readers.

Photo by Devon Divine on Unsplash

Do you know which topics your readers and followers are interested in?

This understanding is critically important to building your personal brand when it comes to writing. Tailoring your content to your followers will help establish your credibility as a “subject matter expert” on the topics that your readers know you for. So if you’re a writer of diverse topics, how do you know which topics to tailor your content around?

If you write within very specific niches, get consistent views on those types of stories, then you pretty much have it figured out when it comes to what kind…

Technology helps by saving you time, giving you the freedom to move anywhere, and connects you to people easily.

Oceanside Pier, California: Photo Provided by Author

I recently came to the realization that I am a walking stereotype of a technophile Millennial. A technophile is someone who is obsessed or strongly enthused with technology, an attribute that is common with Millennials and Gen-Z.

The realization came to me while I was sitting on a beach in Southern California a few weeks ago. The waves were softly crashing against the shoreline. The weather was cool, but not too cool where it was uncomfortable. The beach has always been our place of zen and escape. It represented rest and rejuvenation for us.

My wife was sitting on the…

A profile bio or signature at the end of a story isn’t enough — give them a bigger piece of you.

Photo by Designecologist from Pexels

About the Author

How do you usually “sign” your stories on Medium? Many writers leave a signature of some sort at the end of every story they publish.

Some writers type in the third person when they create their signatures. I did this early on when I first started writing on the platform.

About the Author: Quy Ma is a Director of Market Research and has 10+ years of experience in the e-commerce, cellular phone, outdoor, and food industries. He enjoys writing about empathy leadership, disruption, tech, social justice, and self-development.”

Some writers probably include an email list or a few social media…

Quy Ma

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