Founder of About Me Stories. Optimization Entrepreneur. Tech Category Manager. Passionate about economically empowering people, growing brands, and businesses.

Entrepreneur Fanatic. Passionate about economically empowering people, growing businesses, and brands.

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Hi! I’m Quy Ma. Welcome to my About Me story!

The first thing you’re probably wondering is, “How do you say his name?” If we were introducing ourselves to each other in person, you’d probably perk your ears up and listen intently to how I’m saying my name. But since…

24 responses to a viral question asked on Reddit.

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We’ve officially reached the point where we segment our memories and experiences between “pre-covid” or “post-covid”. Yuck!

The omicron variant has swept through the world rapidly. The good news is that the wave will disappear just as fast as it came, as we’re beginning to see with some data with…

Pioneering digital communications in the 56k dial-up internet days.

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When the internet first became mainstream, it was the first time in history where a human could talk to another human instantaneously via text. However, during these years, everyone online was potentially a 42-year old man living in his mom’s basement.

Stranger danger was real. It still is real, but…

My Astrophotography Prints and Merchandise Finally Available on December 3, 2021–7 AM MST


After many delays, I am proud to announce that I am finally launching my astrophotography store on Friday morning, December 3, 2021 at 7 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST). However, there is one minor change.

I actually decided to pivot and change my own personal website into a new website…

My plan involves my Medium earnings, a dog, and Elon Musk.

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I’m going to make millions from Medium, and my writing on Medium will be the driving source of this income. Let me explain how I’m going to do it.

I do have to stop and say something before you all get excited, though. My headline sounds clickbaity, but mark my…

Expanded submission guidelines, new publication look, new editors, and new personal stories!

Hey Writers!

This is the first newsletter I’ve sent out on behalf of my publication, About Me Stories, but it’s definitely an important one. I have lots of exciting changes to announce!

New Submission Guidelines for About Me Stories

Happy Birthday About Me Stories

First, I want to wish Happy Birthday to About Me Stories

Quy Ma

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